You can join the IFAA or renew your membership by filling out the IFAA membership form.

We accept a variety of payment methods including:

  • electronic funds transfer (EFT);
  • through PayPal click here;
  • via cheque;

The Value of IFAA Membership

Membership of the IFAA includes access to member-only events and benefits, such as:

  • the new unique Scholars' Dinner (destined for multiple venues across Ireland);
  • Fulbright Prism (a dedicated place for LGBTQ+ Fulbright Awardees and Alumni in Ireland);
  • a new Alumni Podcast by alumni Jean McCarthy and David Stone;
  • FulBRIGHT Club (comedy event);
  • a Alumni playlist (to mark our shared but diverse experiences in the US);
  • the bi-annual Newsletter.

Our events and activities cater for networking, both professional and social.

In addition, members have the option to request membership of the IUSA, which provides access to further member-only events, such as the annual Alumni Conference and Congress, and the quarterly Prominent Alumni Lecture Series.

All in all, we hope you will agree that membership of the IFAA represents ever more value. And, all our members can rest assured that the IFAA remains and will remain an independent, vibrant association, continuing to serve our members as we have since our founding in 1993.

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