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The Fulbright Programme in Ireland represents a very important symbolic and practical expression of the deep and historic ties between Ireland and the United States of America. The Programme was originally established in Ireland in 1957 and was administered by the Scholarship Exchange Board (officially entitled in Irish An Bord Scoiláireachtaí Cómhalairte).

A bilateral agreement between Ireland and the United States was signed in 1988 and a statutory body, The Ireland - United States Commission for Educational Exchange, known as The Fulbright Commission, was established in 1992. The Commission derives its income through contributions from the Irish and US Governments, Higher Educational Institutions, and private and public sector organisations.

The Irish Fulbright Commission finances study, research, teaching and other educational activities between Ireland and the United States. The Fulbright Programme enjoys the prestige of being the oldest official educational exchange programme between the governments of the United States and Ireland.

Awards are made through open competition to outstanding post-graduate students, professionals and post-doctoral scholars who demonstrate leadership qualities and to potential and established leaders of professional, academic and artistic excellence who are recognised in their fields.

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